The True Gold of Blogging – Link Relevance

Throughout new media, we keep hearing one term over and over again: relevance.  The ad networks seek to provide relevant ads, we try to provide relevant content, we all seek relevent metrics to judge our success.

Merriam-Webster defines relevance as:

1 a: relation to the matter at hand b: practical and especially social applicability : pertinence <giving relevance to college courses>2: the ability (as of an information retrieval system) to retrieve material that satisfies the needs of the user

Many of the links we get aren’t really relevant.  This morning I had a few that were caught by Akismet from various sploggers where they had automatically grabbed my summary and posted to the site with a link back.  Basically they’re running a low value Google Adsense farm.  You might want to occassionally look at those links though, as just this week one of the sites I work with had to send a DMCA take down notice to a splogger who was copying their material wholesale (legally, I am told we lose our copyright if we don’t protect our copyright).

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