Weight Loss and Quandry

I’m a fat bastard.

I’ve never really made any great efforts to hide that little fact, even if it were possible to hide.  Which it is not.  But there it is, right out there for all to see.

Over the past two months I’ve come the the general conclusion that I always knew deep down: I have to do something about it if I’d like to live to see my daughters get married and if I want to have a decent quality of life going forward.

Over the past couple weeks, I began to investigate getting a Lapband from the UMass Weight Clinic.  The jury is still out (and will remain out) for some time as to exactly what will happen, but I’m at least trying to begin the process.

As any good blogger might, I immediately thought “oh yeah, I’ll blog this…” After all, it’s an excellent chance to share information, and honestly, it ought to make pretty good copy.  But after looking into things further, on the subject of blogging my journey, I’m rather ambivalent.  You see, this ain’t about you (sorry!), it’s about me.  Even more importantly, it’s not a joking matter.  I will undoubtedly learn a whole lot about this process as I proceed, but the truth is, sharing that information might actually be a disservice to readers or others afflicted with obesity.

I’m not an expert, and although I may become one over time, I fear that my writings might dissuade others from a course that might benefit them.  I don’t want that on my conscience.  A decision I make for myself is just that, not something I want others to adopt as their own.

For now, I think I’m going to avoid blogging on the issue. Perhaps I’ll give  you some infrequent updates as to what’s going on, but the truth is this: if you’re looking for a diet blog, or diet advice, you’re probably at the wrong place.

As always, I’m interested in your comments on this, particularly as it relates to blogging in general.