My Unabridged Resume

My Unabridged Resume

Mark Cahill

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A leadership position that will leverage my experience in software development, website management and content management/editorial to create outstanding user experiences.


May 2015- Present: Lycos Inc – Director of Software Development
Responsible for all engineering and product management functions.

  • Conceptualized, documented and delivered an integration of WordPress into the existing Tripod Online Web Publishing system.
    • Integrated into bespoke registration and billing system
    • Reworked system to provide single sign on capability with between all Lycos properties and WordPress
    • Successfully launched, publishing approximately 200 new sites every day.
    • Managed disparate staff of US and Indian engineers
  • Managed migration of 18,000 domains from Melbourne IT to Tucow/Opensrs as primary registrar
  • Integrated Enom as a primary domain registrar along side Opensrs

May 2013 –  2015:  Lycos Inc.- Principle Engineer, Web Publishing and Domain Sales
Lead engineer for Tripod and Angelfire online web publishing systems with 16,000,000 websites published.  Responsible for all new development, bug fixes, system architecture, site performance. including SEO across all properties using Google Analytics.

  • Stabilized and optimized a fragile Domain Sales software system built on Codeigniter and increased monthly sales from a paltry 40 domains a month to 250 per month with significant upsell into our web publishing products
  • Managed 30k domain registrations, with with multiple primary registrar API integrations and ICANN regulatory compliance obligation
  • Dramatically improved system up time by refactoring unstable resources and retiring unreliable CGI assets
  • Managed mail system with 300,000 mailboxes for free and paid subscribers

February 2009 – 2012: Namemedia Inc. – Senior Software Engineer/Tech Lead –
Senior Engineer/Tech Lead for – the world’s leading domain name marketplace, with sales over $1m per month.  Managed major data driven site built on PHP/MySQL with a Java Services Backend.

  • Improved site stability through use of REST, ActiveMQ , JSON and general move to asynchronous data transport
  • Managed team of offshore engineers
  • Managed upgrade of PHP4 code base to PHP5 without significant downtime.
  • Re-architected server infrastructure to provide full hardware redundancy. Outages were reduced from frequent occurrence to rare events
  • Migrated all static assets to CDN (Akamai)

December 2007 – March 2009: Namemedia Inc. – Senior Software Engineer- Premium Sites
I was responsible for design and development of social media enhanced community sites from the companies premium domain name portfolio, including,,, and many others.

  • Launched 14 sites in a 6 month period and developed social media content platform using WordPress, BBPress and PhpThumbs that has proven to be scalable, and maintainable.
  • Managed teams of up to 15 developers and designers at a time as project lead.
  • Evaluated, tested and implemented new technology products.
    • content feeds which provide advanced social media search results as an rss feed
    • Yahoo Sponsor Links as contextual advertising (immediate revenue impact resulted)
    •  Implemented Akamai Edge Network to decrease bandwidth usage and increase site performance (successfully leading a corporate wide initiative)
    • Evaluation and implementation categorized video feeds
    • Implemented live feed of blog content from Summer Olympics via Lenovo Summer Olympics site on
  • Redeveloped  to provide scalability and stability.  Went from frequent outages to 99% up time.  Site was sold for $1M to who continued to run the site on the same architecture and code base, without significant changes.
  • Redeveloped to provide both scalability and stability. Went from frequent outages to 99% up time.
  • Developed corporate blogs for and both of which have WordPress themes designed to make them indistinguishable from the main parent site.
  • Responsible for SEO performance using Google Webmaster and Google Analytics.

2002- Present: Freelance
Freelance web projects using WordPress, including migration of content from other blogging platforms, plugin development, theme development and work contracted through a 3rd party to WordPress VIP Hosting.  I have done work for NFL franchises, one former US President and many top bloggers.

June 2006 – December 2007: Vario Creative – Director of Web Services
Responsible for design and development of web projects from initial sales through specification, development and final project closeout.  Pioneered the use of  WordPress as a content management system for small sites. I achieved excellent SEO results for local search for small business customers by creating the lander pages for local search keywords.  Installed an  Ektron Content Management System at Stars and Stripes Newspaper under contract from Atex.

May 2000 – June 2007: Atex – Product Manager & Corporate Webmaster
As webmaster I was responsible for 3 separate websites the market leader in publishing systems. . I developed major Internet, Intranet and Extranet initiatives, ahead of time, on budget, including forums for both customers and employees, news data feeds, and was primary contact for our User Group. I consulted on website and CMS issues with newspapers around the world. Pioneered online video/desktop sharing services; cut travel budget and increased customer satisfaction.  I developed the Atex user support group through corporate extranet, forum and monthly newsletter.

2005-2006: Freelance Work (select samples, full list available) – Developed a social network platform for CIO Magazine and Cisco Systems with a CMS I developed, integrating vBulletin Forum software for security and other functions throughout the site. – Custom developed CMS, with podcasting, and integrated subscription services, rss feeds, automated 30 day trial memberships.
CIO Blogs – customized Drupal to allow it’s use in a multi-blog environment for CIO Magazine.

May 1995 – 2010: – Managing Editor & Webmaster  – Built site from small niche fly fishing site to #1 Google result for Saltwater Fly averaging 75,000 unique IP addresses a month, and over than 10M hits monthly. Installed, managed and upgraded vBulletin Forum, including beta testing of vB 3.0, as well as developing and implementing a community development plan. I have also installed and developed new enhancements for Blogs and RSS news feeds, including an RSS aggregator which allowed creation of the first “Meta Blog” in the world. Manage a staff of 9 writers and numerous freelance writers to produce weekly content, on strict deadline.  In 2003 I developed a community blogging platform for multiple users using WordPress (not WordPressMU which at the time was too unstable).  Site was sold to Namemedia in 2008.  In April, 2009 I redeveloped the site, integrating live Loud3r content feeds, WordPress, vBulletin, PhotoPost and ClassifedPost.

January 2000 – May 2000: Pegasus Satellite Television – Webmaster
February 1991 – February 1996: Markets Unlimited Inc. – Director of Operations
April 1985 – April 1991: The Stone Company – Project Manager/Assistant Project Manager
March 1984 – March 1985: Journalist – Worcester Telegram & Gazette


February 2000 – Clark University – Webmaster Certificate – Certification in Webmaster skills including Dreamweaver, HTML, Javascript, SQL, ASP and e-commerce.
December 1982 – University of Vermont – B.A. English

SKILLS: Linux, Apache, WordPress, Expression Engine, Drupal, Atex Prestige CMS, REST, JSON, ActiveMQ, JQuery, PHP, MySQL,

URLS: Full list available at