I’m back…

Mark Cahill…with a new blog. I’m now working as Senior Developer for Premium Websites at NameMedia, Inc. and since I’m not working with Vario Creative anymore, I really couldn’t continue to blog there. I wish Jill the best, but I found over time the little issues of working on my own, such as not knowing how much (if any) cash was coming in the door, whether or not I’d be able to afford health insurance (as often as not, the answer there was a resounding *NO*) and the general pains of business forced me to what was probably an inevitable move.

So why All Things Cahill? I think in the future I’ll open the site up as a social networking platform for my family and friends. This site isn’t about landing jobs, or building my business, so I can have fun with it. Heck, we can have fun with it.

I imported all my old posts from Vario Creative, as well as the comments.  If for any reason you don’t want your comments here, let me know and I’ll kill them.

Oh, btw, this is probably the first site you’ve seen that is running WP 2.5 – pretty cool stuff!

More soon…