Friday Music Video – The Bridge – Brother Don’t

These guys are tops on my list today. Horns, a funky beat and hint of bluegrass around the edges; then you throw in a bit of Hammond B3 and I’m hooked. They’ve got a free gig in Harrisburg, PA today.

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A few tracks online at their site: Live Recordings (120 shows – the show from February at the Paradise is in high rotation on my Iphone)

Friday Music Video – Lynyrd Skynyrd – Workin’ for MCA

This one’s for Mark…enjoy…

Okay, replace the words “MCA” with the words “Geffen” and it’s still pretty much appropriate, even though the record companies have come down more than a couple notches.

Listening and watching, I’m reminded how tight they were. These guys obviously loved to play…

The bonus track at the end is “I Ain’t the One”

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