Friday Music Video: Asylum Street Spankers

Country-Western Murder Ballads meet Gangsta Rap – it you don’t have a sense of humor this isn’t for you.  Heck, if you don’t have a sense of humor, what are you doing reading this blog anyways?

They’ll be playing in Cambridge Sept. 30 and Fall River the following night…and are in the midst of a major tour so check them out!

More info at their site, aptly named

Friday Music Video – My Morning Jacket

The word is these guys utterly kicked a$$ at Bonnaroo last week.  Unfortunately, the videos in circulation from that event aren’t up to even the marginal standards of YouTube.  So instead, I bring you an appearance they did in 2006 with the Boston Pops on the Letterman Show here in the US.  It gives you a real taste of their range.  This is a band I see really going places in the next year.  FYI, for those in the UK, they’ll be at Glastonbury next week (along with every other band on the planet).

Wikipedia Entry

Band Website Live Show MP3 Downloads (these guys have a  signature sound that is high on reverb, hence concert recordings tend to bottom out – you’ll need to be selective to find recordings that will sound okay on your system (and it is worth the extra effort).

Friday Music Video: McCoy Tyner

It’s Friday, I’m on a Honey Do Vacation, and it’s raining.  A perfect time for the blues tinged melodies of McCoy Tyner, playing with his Trio.  For me, McCoy is the perfect example of the the juxtaposition of melodic themes, envoking feelings of both hope and futility, taking us on a strange and wonderful emotional ride.

McCoy gained prominence playing with John Coltrane, and over the years has played with virtually all of the contemporary greats.  If you’re already a fan, enjoy, if you aren’t I encourage you to delve deeper into an absolutely wonderful lifetime of musical accomplishment.  His “Fly Like the Wind” album is one of my top 10 must have desert island records.

Dig Deeper:

Wikipedia Entry

McCoy Tyner Homepage