Friday Music Video: Asylum Street Spankers

Country-Western Murder Ballads meet Gangsta Rap – it you don’t have a sense of humor this isn’t for you.  Heck, if you don’t have a sense of humor, what are you doing reading this blog anyways?

They’ll be playing in Cambridge Sept. 30 and Fall River the following night…and are in the midst of a major tour so check them out!

More info at their site, aptly named

2 Replies to “Friday Music Video: Asylum Street Spankers”

  1. You can download lots of their stuff of Live Music Archive. Always good for horrifying house guests, etc., since this is one of their tamer numbers.

    Just toss on a show and watch as people slowly catch on the the lyrics. 70% chance you’ll get someone to shoot their libation through their nose.

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