Live Blogging from the PMA Show

Josh Root, Director of Community at is live blogging and tweeting from the floor of the PMA (Photo Marketing Association) trade show in Las Vegas.  The show runs through Thursday.  You can catch the his blog posts at (I did the blog setup, using WordPress) and his tweet stream at

In addition to new products and other show news, he’s running interviews with people like Photoshop Expert Kartin Eismann and Jodi Cobb, photographer from National Geographic.  Be sure to check out the new blog! on Photographing the Super Bowl

photo_netI’m not a great photographer, but I know a few. is an online community of professional, semi-professional and very serious amateur photographers. Today, Hannah Thiem has a great story up that she worked with Sports Illustrated’s Bill Frakes about shooting the Super Bowl. It’s absolutely tremendous – a must read.

When you’re working with a team, that’s exactly what you have to do. Work as a team. The SI photographers were spread out all over the field and my job was to provide a high, graphic angle of the game’s big plays. Being part of team also means holding your position and taking care of your responsibilities. I was in a position where I couldn’t move. They were counting on me for that angle and to move would have jeopardized the coverage in this case.

When Lamar Woodely forced a Kurt Warner fumble to effectively end the game it unfolded right in front of me.

Similarly, when Santonio Holmes made his amazing sideline catch, Al Tielemans was right in front of him.

She’ll be posting more installments of the story over the coming days – covering not only the emotion of the event, the drama, but also the technical aspects  of how the pros cover the big events.  Very interesting stuff.

(Disclosure: is a website.  I work for Namemedia.)