Having Blog Trouble…

After my upgrade to 2.7.1 I found I had no visual editor.  After reuploading files, etc. I finally found that I’ve got an issue with one of my plugins.  Not sure which one, but obviously it’s one that interacts with the admin console.

Steps to fix the problem if you have a tinymce editor in WordPress 2.7.1 that has stopped working.

  1. Refresh the page using ctl-shift-refresh (this is a “hard refresh” which will force everything to reload from the server, not from browser cache).
  2. Check if the browser has returned…
  3. Start disabling your plugins one by one and testing each time you turn one off, then do a hard refresh.
  4. If none of the plugins are causing the problem, delete wp-admin and wp-includes folders and re-upload freshly downloaded copies.
  5. Hard refresh again.
  6. Still have the problem?  Off to WordPress.org with you (or contact whoever handles web support for you…)

(Update: the problem appears to be coming from Vipers Video Quick Tags – which is great, because I know he keeps up to date and will revise quickly.)