WordPress Revision History to the Rescue

(Uh, Jeff, Kelly, move on, nothing to read here.  Nothing of interest to you at all…really…)

I had one of those moments today.  Mistakes were made.  Bad mistakes.  The “oh crap, I’m editing on the production site, not the qa or dev server” type of mistakes that immediately have you picturing your career dissipation light suddenly burning bright.

So I noticed after working on this highly important site that I’d accidently overwritten something on the live site.  Yech.

Luckily, as of version 2.6, WordPress now has Revision History.  I’ve only used the feature a few times before, and then, only when I’d gotten to an unrecoverable point on a qa server.  So in I went, and there it was…the content I’d overwritten, waiting for me, like a girlfriend I’d done wrong…

Saved.  Career dissipation light dims to nothing.

Thank you WordPress…without that my next stop was going to be the Internet Archive…