Day 1 – Community Building Field Test

Day 1 – Community Building Field Test

(If you didn’t read the first post in this series, you really ought to start here…)

Got off to a bad start, after upgrading the site to WordPress 2.6 and the latest BBPress, I find that our Ajax login isn’t working.  What’s worse is that I don’t use that to get logged in usually, so it’s been that way since late Friday afternoon.  Hence I am the only one that was able to login.

After such a bad trip down the rat hole, it’s hard to call anything good news, but I do notice that I’ve had 59 votes total in my poll that went up on Friday afternoon.  Not bad, although i did seed it with about 10 results.  Also, we’ve had 15 new registrations.  I’ll email the users personally to welcome them tomorrow morning when I know the login issue is fixed.

So why do I post about this?  Because this stuff happens – a lot.  You are going to make errors while you build your community and things aren’t going to work the way you planned.  Get used to it – you are going to need to do a lot of adjusting, fixing, etc.  The trick is to keep going, and to make things better.

Oh, and I find that drinking *(heavily)* often helps.

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