Amazon Launches On-Demand Pay-Per Hour Virtual Servers

Amazon Launches On-Demand Pay-Per Hour Virtual Servers

Steve Yelvington had a post this morning about new web services available from Amazon, the online book/commerce folks.  The implications are startling.  Here’s the basics of how it works, as I understand it (and I admit, my understanding limited).

They are allowing users to create virtual servers, which will be paid for based upon the actual computing time used.  The servers are virtual and can be configured online, and require use of Amazon Simple Storage Service which allows for expandable online file storage.

Here’s my prediction: if this can be done for servers, it can be done for personal machines.  Given that airlines are becoming more restrictive of laptop use, or for that matter even letting them on the planes, it’s only a matter of time before someone starts offering virtual online desktops for use by business travellers.  You’ll simple get on a computer, any computer, and dial up your web desktop to get to your machine.

We’re headed back to days of the dumb client, only this time the dumb client will be a web browser.

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