More on BuzzLogic

I made passing reference to the Buzzlogic Tool yesterday, in making my point on the WSJ New-Media World article.  Since then, Buzzlogic itself has gone to create a virtual case study on the buzz capability “blog-vegas” – they’ve turned up in Dan Farber’s blog on ZDNet, in Tom Foremski’s blog on Silicon Valley Watcher, Ethan Kaplan’s, and a total of 78 blogs so far since David Churbuck’s post (see the WSJ post yesterday, I don’t want to clutter up his blog with trackbacks) yesterday. 

As they say, you can’t buy press like that.  This is a definitely a case of someone building a better mousetrap, and the world is indeed beating a path to their door.  The traditional press release is dead and buried.  Other than the rare pickup in a print trade or on some pr newswire, your information just doesn’t get the traction it used to by the old “email and forget it” methods.  Dealing with blog-vegas is a whole new beast, and we need to rethink our methods. 

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