Why Vario Blogs

Why Vario Blogs

We’ve got opinions, and we find a lot of important information during the course of a day, week and month that we really want to share with the Vario community (note that I don’t refer to customers, this is a broader audience than that).  It gives us the opportunity to simply cite bits worth reading, and also offer our own take, including concrete examples from our experience (see Saturday’s post on metrics). 

But a blog is more than that, it allows for comments, which make it very much a two way communication system.  Where as articles are monologue, blogs are dialogue, and that is what enamours us of this communication medium.  There are issues in marketing, graphic design, web design, etc. that face us all, and this medium allows us to share.  My view and experience may be utterly different than yours, but understanding both views makes us each stronger.

Feel free to ask questions and suggest ideas.  We’re open, accessible and we really enjoy talking about this stuff. 

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