Google Moving to Integrate Blogs into Google News?

Google Moving to Integrate Blogs into Google News?

I posted last week on that blogs can be excellent traffic builders for sites.  Today, Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion had a post about Google starting to move to integrate blog search into Google News.  If that’s the case, it will give blog owners a chance to drink from the same hose that often brings the big sites to their knees – and for the smaller site owners it can give you an excellent opportunity to use your monthly bandwidth allotment in one fell swoop.

Google has made a small, but important change to Google News. On the top right hand part of the page next to the Archive Search there’s now a link to Google Blog Search. Is Google one step closer to integrating the two products? They already do on Google Finance. News and blogs seem even more like a natural fit.

I wouldn’t be overly concerned though – one has to assume they’ll use an index of popularity and traffic ratings to keep obscure sites from hitting the homepage of Google news. 

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