Great Post – “Top 10 Secrets of the Marketing Process”

Great Post – “Top 10 Secrets of the Marketing Process”

Maureen Rogers has an excellent post on entitled: “Words of Wisdom from Seth Godin” which features his awesome “Top 10 Secrets of the Marketing Process.”

Seth’s 10 points are excellent – they generally boil down to having utter conviction in your campaign and being willing to put yourself fully behind it.  His point #8 is a true classic:

8. Compromise in marketing is almost always a bad idea. Extreme A could work. Extreme B could work. The average of A and B will almost never work.

Maureen focuses on point #6 – find a niche and fill it (Vario community members: have you heard that statement anywhere before?).  She asks “Why is focus important?” and then answers:

Because it let’s you constrain your market to one that’s identiable and manageable. Even if you have a generic product that could be all things to all men, if you’re small you are not likely to have the money or people resources required to reach it. Faced with this, your alternatives are:

  • Going after the larger market, anyway, diluting your resources and message, and not being all that successful, except in a scattershot, occasional way.
  • Sitting around sulking, whining, and pitying yourself because you can’t get at that great big market that you know would just love you to pieces if they knew about you. (Sniff sniff, boo hoo.)
  • Figure out some part of the great, big market that you want to go after, and JUST DO IT.

Her dissection of niche marketing is one we all need to take to heart, which is as applicable to large corporations as it is to a small one person shop.  Read it, live it, succeed with it!

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