IE 7 – Many sites will require minor rework

IE 7 – Many sites will require minor rework

I’ve been doing some screenshotting of sites and I’ve found most sites that use CSS (like all Vario sites) will require a review prior to the final release of IE 7 later this month.  We will begin immediately screenshotting pages for our sites and contacting customers as to whether or not they require changes. The good news is that the changes required to accomodate this new browser from Microsoft are generally minor and can be accomplished quickly.

Our general policy will be that sites launched after July 1, 2006 will be fixed as a part of normal site maintenance at our expense.  Fixes required for older sites will be quoted on an as needed basis.  It would be a good time to have a look now and let us know if you have other work you would like done on your site, so that we can do it at the same time.

If you’d like to see what your site will look like in IE 7 or any other browser, you can go to and create screenshots over the web.

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