Your Email Signature as a Marketing Message

If you contact your customers via email extensively like I do, you should really think about how you set up your email signature.  Personally, email is one of my primary means of contact, so it’s the one thing that most of my customers will see during the course of our business.  And looking at what I’m sending, it’s honestly pretty weak.

The trick here is that it’s a fine line between including a little marketing message and being preceived as spamming them with a gigantic image laden signature. In the past I’ve included messages about things like User Group Meetings, Trade Shows, or new website offerings.  These are generally simple calls to action presented in a one line format with both colored and bold text.

John Smith
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Simple, and it gets the point across. You’ll be putting your message across in front of the people who need to see it, your customers. Give it a try, you’ll find it gets results – and the price is right – $0.

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