Entrepeneur.com – Top Ten Marketing Trends for 2007

Entrepeneur.com – Top Ten Marketing Trends for 2007

Journalists and columnists will tell you: when you don’t have anything for your column, the bastion of last resort is the Top Ten List.  Kim Gordon’s list is at least a good catch up for the small business that might not have been paying attention for the last year or so.  Check the full list out on Entrepeneur.com – here are the headers:

  1. College Grads
  2. Affluent Working Women
  3. Asian Population Growth
  4. Word-of-Mouth
  5. Yellow Pages
  6. Simultaneous Media Use
  7. Newspapers
  8. Web Conferencing
  9. Online Research
  10. Local Search

My initial reaction was (typically) negative, but after rereading, I think some business owners who don’t follow marketing all the time would do well to read it.  My advice is for you to definitely start paying attention to local search – make sure you’re coming up appropriately!  Many of us don’t use the phone book except as a last ditch effort anymore.

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