Press Release = Cave Painting

Press Release = Cave Painting

I’m full of righteously indignant bile and ready to spit nails today, so if you’re not in the mood for a good rant, perhaps you want to skip this post.

Press releases – I have little use for them.  Sure, it’s good to get into the trade press, but the truth is this: your customers don’t read much anymore.  Sorry folks, I know all you MarComm types just spewed non-fat mocha latte out your nose, but the truth is out there.  I say again: your customers don’t read anymore and they especially don’t want to be told that “you’re pleased to announce” anything. 

Take a look at the places that print your press releases, and even more importantly take a look at where the releases show up online.  If they aren’t relevant to your business, your pr isn’t relevant.  I’m finding “important” press releases for customers turning up in Google news off Indian tech sites.  Nothing wrong with those sites, but I’ve got to think the client’s core customer base ain’t reading the Hindustan Tech Voice for their tech news.  The truth for those who want to look, is that Josef Goebbels’ smarmy litany about your new vaporware isn’t real marketing. Your customers see through it and shake their heads, while muttering to themselves.

Marketing engages, marketing discusses, marketing evolves.  We’re pleased to announce that the press release died alone in its cave, a victim of apathy, leaving nothing of use to anyone, save a few ashy paintings of wooly mammoths on the wall, and a pile of well gnawed bones.

For the record, issuing a press release about your new product, then saying “yup, we did the marketing bit” just doesn’t cut it.  If your product is worth selling, it’s worth marketing properly, even if you’ve got a non-existent budget. 

(Jim Forbes has a good bit on Tech PR today as well – perhaps not as vitriol soaked, but a worthwhile read…)

2 thoughts on “Press Release = Cave Painting

  1. Dude, for a second I thought you were a mole waiting to be whacked. But now you’re a link. Tech PR is in the proverbial crapper and doesn’t get finesse or engagement. Thanks for reading and the link. Let’s see more farm animal posts on Vario and I’ll keep writing aout the damn gophers and voles.–jim

  2. Thanks – DC turned me on to your blog a while back – I’ve been the managing editor and tech guy at Reel-Time for a decade or so…love reading your blog.

    More small farm animals coming up!

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