Mary Schmidt had a great Thanksgiving post yesterday, and I thought I’d post my own list of things I’m thankful for:

  1. Friends and family of course.
  2. Having this creative outlet (thanks Dave Churbuck for the push).
  3. I thank God that I can swim well, and that I’m not swimming now.
  4. For the people that put a smile on my face.
  5. That I love my work because I spend so much time doing it.
  6. My customers and readers, they are the best!

The rest is just gravy, but here is the more mundane list:

  1. MP3s and the devices that play them.
  2. What did we do without wireless? 
  3. IM – the only reason my ear hasn’t fallen off.
  4. Microsoft natural keyboards, the only reason I can still move my fingers.
  5. Skype, because hour long conference calls to the UK shouldn’t cost more than your mortgage payment.
  6. My Thinkpad, for reminding me about all the incredible features that my last laptop didn’t have.
  7. The My Book, because everyone should be able to store information by the Terabyte.
  8. and all the artists and tapers who’ve posted their music.

And while we’re at it, why not the items I hope to by thankful for next year:

  1. The continued health and prosperity of my family, friends, customers and indeed, all of you.
  2. That every day was better than the last.
  3. That I spent all my days with positive, smiling people.
  4. My Lenovo Thinkpad X60.
  5. A publishing deal for my next book.
  6. For having a next book that was worthy of publishing.
  7. For my secret personal wish that is but mine to know…

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