Holiday Reminder – Customer Appreciation

Holiday Reminder – Customer Appreciation

Now that we’re into December, it’s a good time to remind everyone that it’s time to thank your customers.  Be it a simple holiday card (hand signed if possible with a personal note…) or something more elaborate, such as a gift basket, etc.

We should remember that it’s not 1983 anymore – unless the customer is also a close friend, bottles of hootch, cash gifts and,  in general, gift cards are probably not appropriate (I’d like very much to hear your thoughts on the topic). Booze is off the list for the obvious fact that you really don’t know if someone drinks, and cash/gift cards are off because many companies have outright policies against this, as well as many customers see it as crossing the line. 

Here are five suggestions that would show appreciation without causing issues:

  1. Send a tray of morning treats to the office – bagels, danish, etc.  Be sure it’s got a card on it, and you can be assured that the entire office will share the bonanza.
  2. Gifts to charity are always welcome – just be sure there’s no chance the charity might be considered offensive.  The Heart Association, etc. would be good options.
  3. Simple things in interesting presentations – I like the cartons like you get from Chinese Takeout filled with goodies like chocolate
  4. If your customers golf like mine do, then logo imprinted golf balls are always a winner.  Be sure to go with top quality balls – since your brand is *always* associated with excellence!  You need to be sure your customer is a golfer – otherwise give something else.
  5. For the Geeks on your list, a logo imprinted thumb drive is always a great gift.  It’s the sort of thing they’ll use throughout the year, and every time they’ll see your logo.

You can mix and match to get the right things for the right customer.  Don’t be afraid to set a tier level, where casual customers get a holiday card, and more “revenue impacting” customers get something more personalized.

Whatever you choose to do, get moving, in another week or so, you’ll be too late.  If you need insert cards, holiday cards, or labels designed, let us know now and we can get things moving – or we can customize and implement a plan for your specific holiday needs. (also posted on the Blog )

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  1. One of our favorite clients owns a lovely chocolate shop in Chelmsford Center called Over the Top Chocolate. They have the ability and creativity to put a nice package together for any budget… and it’s sure to wow your customers!

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