Recent Go Lives from Vario Creative

Recent Go Lives from Vario Creative

Stage ! VenturesOver the last few days, we’ve gotten a new site live, – the site is for a venture capital firm who had been using Yahoo Sitebuilder for their site previously.  They liked Sitebuilder, so our new design had to work with it, as well as working on handhelds  like the Treo or other Windows CE enabled devices.

Vario Customer Bill Keefe is now live with 6 sites, including,,, and – we’ve provided vBulletin and WordPress set up and integration, and there’s still more to come.  The premise of the sites are “social networking with a purpose” and Bill’s really got an idea there.  Take the time to visit his sites, and also read his book “W.A.Y” online at


After a year of development, the has gone live. The forum is a joint project of Cisco and CIO Magazine.  The site is subscription only (so I haven’t bothered to include a link) and utilized vBulletin fully integrated thorughout the site.  We’re offering polls, our own custom developed cms, webinars, metrics reporting, file download tracking, as well as extensive customization of vBulletin to make it work with Omniture site analytics, and other custom features. 

Last, but certainly not least,, went live shortly before the end of last year, it features fully css enabled design, use of customized server based image management for sizing and scaling images, as well as localized search optimization.  As with all basic Vario sites, we’ve integrated Google Analytics so that we can fine tune site performance over time.

We’ll try to do a round up of some of our marketing and graphic design projects in the next week or so. 

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