Vario – #9 Google Result for Small Farm Animals

Vario – #9 Google Result for Small Farm Animals

Small Farm Animals - goatsWho say’s Google’s algorithm needs tweaking? After many month’s of hard work, we’ve clawed our way up to the first page of Google results for “small farm animals.”

I tried to post this a couple of minutes ago, but our database decided to check out for a little while. In the mean time, I recieved this well timed article from MediaPost asking the question “Are User-Generated Web Sites Breaking The Search Engines’ Algorithms?”

Tim Daly’s on the money here – the content of the web is changing due to consumer generated content; to my mind it’s possibly becoming more frivilous and definitely becoming worse spelled. Sites like Wikipedia are great, but they lack the fact checking you often need if you’re going to expect work you do citing them to stand up to scrutiny.

For the record, Vario Creative does not comment on, nor offer advice about “large farm animals.” If you need help there, you’ll have to go elsewhere…Vario Creative – the choice of small farm animals everywhere…watch for our upcoming “Tin Can Tuesday” segment…;-)

(Update: Google recalculation is apparently in full swing – we’ve dropped to #12. 2/4/08)

5 thoughts on “Vario – #9 Google Result for Small Farm Animals

  1. and what kind of tractor do you recommend in conjunction with Small Farm animals. I went up to Fallbrook, CA, yesterday to look at a ’58 Porsche tractor. Way cool but more expensive than either a 9n or Ford Jubilee. but the sheer joy of havnig a Porsche tractor can’t be adequatelky expressed using pixels, or fiat-backed currency.
    We gotta get Churbuck into farming and tractors. G*d commands it.

    Jim Forbes from Gopher Acres

  2. Personally, I’m still limping around on a 1973 YardMan with a 38″ cut deck hanging precariously beneath it.

    Is that Porsche tractor a mid-engine? Inquiring minds want to know!

    I think the good Mr. C. is more into the English gardening style, which fits the Cape…and he’s only got the urban version of gophers to deal with as a yard pest – rats. As for me, it’s coyotes…a formidible foe, but at least easy on the greenery.

  3. I use a .17 Honady Magnum Rimfire on the coyotes. it’s a necked down .22 Mag and it really works. It will also vaporize gohers.
    Mid engine, nope, it’s not a 914 tractor, it’s more reliable but the parts are made of unobtainium. and ,it’s 3-point and PTO work.-jim

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