OpinionatedMarketers.com: Go for the Dollars…

Vario Creative provides Top Web Design Services for MassachusettsJohn Whiteside has a great post today on OpinionatedMarketers.com in which cites OMStrategy.com saying that while traffic is nice, it’s conversion rates that we should be watching.  Here’s a great example:

The OM Strategy piece gives a simple set of examples; on one extreme, there’s a site with 1,000 visitors, a 1% conversion rate, and $1,500 of revenue. On the other extreme is a site with half the traffic but a 3% conversion rate and $2,250 of revenue (on the same hypothetical $150 average order).

Read the full post here.

2 Replies to “OpinionatedMarketers.com: Go for the Dollars…”

  1. Thanks for the link. I think the message of remembering the business behind the site and the process that supports it just can’t be emphasized too many times…

    (And you even have a graphic, putting you a step ahead of me!)

  2. As one old boss of mine used to say “Keep your eyes on the cheese…” All the metrics in the world won’t help if the one big metric, $$$$ isn’t working for you.

    I’m tempted to print your post out and pin it up beside me monitor to remind me to watch the things that really matter for a site (and a business).

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