The Forgotten Networks

The Forgotten Networks

I realized the other day that I don’t really watch network TV anymore. For some reason my TV gets an odd disruption every few minutes, and it seems to happen most prevailantly on the big three, yet not on Fox, which in my zone lands squarely between the others on 4,5 and 7. 

Network TV - Dying or Dead?Sure, I might watch the formerly big guys on the bedroom tv once in a while, but the truth is, I don’t miss them.  They don’t really host any of the shows I tend to watch anymore.  And the slide has been so slow, it never occurred to me until now.

Sure, I get my eyeball time in, but it’s not that often.  Usually I’ll look for a movie or History Channel, or perhaps something on Food Network.  I’ll definitely make time for Battlestar Galactica and I’ll admit I’m quickly catching up on the Sopranos thanks to A&E – to the point that I may get HBO before the new season starts.

So when did things turn for me?  60 Minutes used to be an institution, but with the vast amount of news magazine shows, I make the choice I think many make, none at all.  The last thing I want to see is another one of those stupid “to catch a predator” or to hear about the pros & cons of global warming again.  How about “To throw a predator in a wood chipper” or “Global Warming the reality game” where we force proponents from the  to live outside in New England for a winter.  I haven’t figure out the suitable test for the con side…yet.

I guess over the past few years, the sitcoms started to leave me flat. Canned laughter just doesn’t do it, and no matter how you redo it, it all seems like lesser fodder.  The good stuff now seems to come from the oddball channels. Sara Silverman, Dave Chappelle or Carlos Mencia (okay, I am aware of the talk of his copping other comedians stuff) all have better laughs than the sitcoms.  Okay, I take it back – I do like to see My Name is Earl once in a while.

Drama?  I have yet to see anything that gets me going.  I guess I’m lucky that I work like a dog, I’m not generally around to see how bad it’s gotten.

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  1. You’re right, there’s really nothing that ‘sparks’ an active interest on the big 3 anymore, especially in the sitcom market. With the exception of watching Bob Barker and TPIR when you’re home sick in bed, there’s really not that much that I can’t miss on a regular basis. Even the news… I’m a Fox 25 news at 10 person now. No more staying up to watch the later news when I can get it an hour earlier!

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