Don’t Forget, Hire a Vet

Don’t Forget, Hire a Vet

Don't Forget - Hire a VetMy nephew visited yesterday and mentioned he’s begun his job search, after his Army sting post WPI.  He’s looking for a position in Civil Engineering. After a tour in the Land o’Sand, I’d say he’s pretty much ready for anything.

This got me thinking.  We hear so much about “I support our troops” but I haven’t heard that translated to “hire a vet.”  Are we forgetting those who’ve sacrificed for our country?  I hope not.

In the case of my nephew, why wouldn’t you want a guy who’s worked in an environment where mistakes landed you on the front page of the NY Times?  A tour of duty has made him a proven leader of men, given him responsibility well beyond his years, and shown that he has what it takes to get the job done.

If you’ve got a slot open for a Civil Engineer or Project Manager, email me, and remember, there are lots of other deserving vets out there who could use an opportunity. 

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