Mary Schmidt – Small Biz – Make Time for Web Marketing

Mary Schmidt – Small Biz – Make Time for Web Marketing

Vario Creative constructs web sites for small business successMary Schmidt has an excellent post that really gets to the heart of the small business website posts that had posted back and forth between Maureen Rogers and myself two weeks ago.

So, instead of going to yet another “networking” flat rubber chicken dinner – where you see the same people over and over (none of whom have ever given you any business or referrals) – think about budgeting – say – five hours a week to learning, building and implementing your Web strategy. And, remember, a web site is never really “done.”

Absolutely spot on advice!  I met a fellow last week who was telling me that he needed a website for his painting business (a three man crew) but that he’d be waiting until July, when he was busier and had more money coming in the door.  My point is that if work’s slow now, that is *exactly* the time to get things going (and you don’t have to break the bank to create a decent web presence).  Throw the doors open to new customers and make yourself more available.

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