Microsoft Update, Update

Microsoft Update, Update

I finally got my “Express Vista Upgrade” last week for our emachine computer.  Total elapsed time 4 1/2 months, which really put the lie to the word “Express.”  So I sat down Sunday am at our “Vista Ready” Emachine T5048 to do the upgrade, only to be warned that more memory was required.  Of course, that sunk the upgrade for Sunday since the stores were closed.

I guess Emachines should have called the T5048 “Vista Almost Ready.”

So I grabbed a chip yesterday, slammed it into the machine and did the upgrade.  It went fairly well, although the installer noted that MS Messenger won’t work with it (no loss there) and that McAfee Spam Killer won’t work either (again no loss, as I have been trying to remove that unwanted software from the box for months).

So about two hours later, the machine is working.  I’ll post after I’ve had a chance to work with it, but for now it seems slick.  I like the rss feeds cycling on the desktop, but that’s pretty simple stuff.

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