The Print Media Time Warp Continues

The Print Media Time Warp Continues

In one of those amazing “They still don’t get it” moments, Nexpo, the tradeshow for the newspaper industry put up a blog, then forgot to do anything with it.  So their tradeshow is ongoing, but no one has posted to their blog since the first post in March.

Even worse, instead of using one of the free out of the box packages, they’ve obviously designed their own blogging package in Coldfusion (does anyone really see that as a viable platform anymore?).  As a capper, here’s the first line you read when you go to the blog.

This software supports Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Some Macintosh users with Safari may experience problems using this software. Please download and install Mozilla Firefox if you are having problems.

Simply amazing – it’s like 1996 all over again – tell your readers what they need to use to read your site. 

Quite honestly, they did a better tradeshow website 5 years ago when they actually had a couple webcams up.

Okay folks, move along, nothing to see here…;-)

One thought on “The Print Media Time Warp Continues

  1. Typical newspaper head in the sand reaction.
    One day they will wake up – perhaps too late to be able to do anything effective.

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