5 Quick Small Business Marketing Tips

  1. Vario Creative offers small business maketing tipsThink big – just because you know there’s only two of you in your company doesn’t mean the world needs to know.
  2. Don’t put off good ideas – it’s too easy to say “I’m too busy, I’ll get to it tomorrow.”  If it’s a good idea and it’s going to have a positive business impact, find the time.  (Read Mary Schmidt’s post on this here…)
  3. Keep your focus, Pt. 1 – don’t get distracted by mixing personal stuff with business, especially in marketing.  Yes, your niece is cute, but we don’t need to hear her butcher the English language in your radio ad.  Spend a few $$$ on a real spokesperson.
  4. Keep your focus, Pt. 2 – what’s the message you are trying to get across to the customer?  On some level, a marketing message should boil down to one core idea, and you ought to be able to roll it off your lips almost without thought.  Stay on the message, and eventually they will hear you.
  5. Let your customers speak – it’s one thing for us to say we’re great, it’s better for a customer to say it.  Try to include more customer testimonials and quotes in your marketing.

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