Judah Phillips on Non-Transactional Web Analytics

Judah Phillips on Non-Transactional Web Analytics

My favorite web analytics soothsayer, Judah Phllips is blogging at WebAnalyticsDemystified.com – *how cool is that*!  And even better he’s got a great post from a presentation he delivered at the ClickZ Conference entitled “Non-Transactional Web Analytics: A Methodology I presented at a cool ClickZ Conference”. 

His post presents a “simple” model for doing web analytics for non-transactional (ie. non-ecommerce) sites.  Basically, it’s a rich list of the seven steps involved in true analysis.  Great info even if you don’t often step into the analytics engine room to shovel coal.  A quick sample:

Judah Phillips on Web Analytics

His list is well worth taking the time to dissect and understand.  Check it out here…

2 thoughts on “Judah Phillips on Non-Transactional Web Analytics

  1. Thanks for the kind words. They mean a lot coming from one of the world’s first bloggers (with the data to prove it) and an Internet pioneer who can code in his sleep. 8^)

  2. Can and *has* coded in his sleep…;-)

    I’l always excited to see great content pop up on the internet. And where else can I get great Traffic Analysis info?

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