Limited Special – Free Site Assessment

Limited Special – Free Site Assessment

Vario Creative offers a free web site design assessment

For a short while, I will be doing free site assessments. Basically I have a quick look to see if the site is properly designed for search engine positioning, check it’s key word position, and generally assess the design or your site. If you can get me access to your traffic stats, I’ll have a quick review of them as well.

Why? I did an assessment of Ryan’s site yesterday, which actually was well designed, but found that he had no search engine placement at all. The culprit turned out to be the use of frames. Additionally, most of the site information was contained in images, which Google can’t read.

I’m betting he’s not the only one out there with problems keeping them from business success.  I’ve seen too many sites that have major issues out there, and I’m betting that if I take a look at 10 sites, a good percentage may need work, and that’s potential business.

First come, first serve, for a limited time only. Absolutely no strings attached, your name won’t be mentioned here. Use this form…and mention the Free Site Assessment.

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