The Marketing Hired Gun Conundrum

The Marketing Hired Gun Conundrum

An opportunity arose the other day for a good position (a step up in title, if not in $$$$) but it presented the standard paradox that the marketing hired gun often faces.  The company is basically a poster child for a completely wrecked business model. 

Now, on the face of things, I’d say that it probably represents an interesting opportunity.  You see, it would be hard *not* to have a positive affect on the company.  They’re doing so little right, that there’s tons of low hanging fruit and online marketing 101 to be done.

Now on the other side, to be truly affective as a marketer, you’ve got to be convinced about the products unique importance to the market.  But with this company, a one time innovator, now a lost sheep in a field of wolves, there’s to be little possibility of convincing even the most souless among us that “we’re the best.”

I’ll admit it, I don’t want to walk in the door and take over if a company is doing it right.  That to my mind offers little opportunity for me to show the value. 

What do you think?  Do you look for a well oiled machine, or an engine that you can fix when you’re looking for a new position?

One thought on “The Marketing Hired Gun Conundrum

  1. Look at the team. If you have good people (both peers and within your own organization) I think you can change things and have a great time doing it. Of course, your freedom to create your own team can work as well, too.

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