Why You Want to Use YouTube for Marketing

Why You Want to Use YouTube for Marketing

Check out this Whole Foods Video – it’s incredible to think of the ground they manage to cover, plus it’s probably being used on the in store tv network as well.  This via Brand Autopsy (there’s a lot more on the Whole Foods Brand in that post as well…)

On a different bent … Whole Foods Market began podcasting last year and now they are video blogging. SECRET INGREDIENT is the name of their vlog and it’s a well-produced show worthy of your viewing. Learn more about the “secret ingredient” of Prosciutto by viewing this…

Your take aways here:

  • Relevance – They’re offering content that is applicable to their product lines, and it’s content that makes a difference to the viewer.
  • Value proposition – not only have I learned a little about Proscuitto, I also know that they’re the only place I can get this special, nitrate free Proscuitto. Hmmm…I wonder if this Proscuitto has it’s own rss feed like the egg in the Supermarket 2.0 video previously posted.
  • Transparency – Yes, I know their trying to sell me a product.  The funny thing is that they never really make an overt pitch.  The assumption is that I’m already on board the Proscuitto train by virtue of the fact that I’m watching the video.
  • Virality – (as opposed to virility) It’s great content and heck, I’ve linked it here.  I’m also likely to send it to a friend  who might like Proscuitto or possibly even to my wife, in hopes that the next time she cooks I get to experience some nitrate-free Proscuitto goodness.

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