Churbuck Named Top Ten Client Side Marketing Blogger

Churbuck Named Top Ten Client Side Marketing Blogger

Congratulations go out to David Churbuck on being named by Peter Kim at Forrester as one of the top Client-Side Marketing Bloggers.  A great honor for a great blog.  Even if he does have an annoying habit of hosing it on a regular basis with the widget of the week. 😉 (Disclosure: I handle some of the web masterly-like stuff for David, most recently his server move and the upgrade to the latest greatest WordPress).

Here’s the full list, many of which are already on my gotta read list (and the rest of which are getting plugged into Google Reader today…)

  1. Flooring The Consumer :: Technorati authority = 504. Authored by CB Whittemore, Director of In-Store Innovation, Wear-Dated Carpet Fiber.
  2. Marketing Nirvana :: 424. Mario Sundar, Community Evangelist, LinkedIn.
  3. ExperienceCurve :: 332. Karl Long, Web/Social Media Integration Manager, Nokia.
  4. The Marketing Excellence Blog :: 254. Eric Kintz, VP Marketing, Digital Photography & Entertainment, Hewlett-Packard.
  5. cgm :: 191. Pete Blackshaw, CMO, Nielsen Buzzmetrics.
  6. Decker Marketing :: 167. Sam Decker, VP Marketing, Bazaarvoice.
  7. Masiguy :: 162. Tim Jackson, Brand Manager, Masi Bicycles.
  8. AttentionMax :: 153. Max Kalehoff, VP Marketing, Nielsen Buzzmetrics.
  9. :: 148. David Churbuck, VP Global Web Marketing, Lenovo.
  10. Emerson Process Experts :: 130. Jim Cahill, Marketing Communications Manager, Emerson Process Management.
  11. Bernaisesource :: 99. Dan Greenfield, VP Corporate Communications, Earthlink.
  12. John Dragoon’s Blog :: 29. John Dragoon, CMO, Novell.
  13. Randy’s Journal :: n/a. Randy Tinseth, VP Marketing, Boeing.

In recent posts, David has noted that he’s considering separating out the business from the personal.  A mistake in my estimation, and yet another indication of how few people truly understand the power of WordPress’ categorization feature (but David really get blogs, and has seen the power of categorization when we used it at  By properly categorizing your stuff, you can not only provide one categorized view into you can provide many.  Similarly, you can also use one blog for multiple bloggers, and make it appear as though each has his/her/its own blog, and it’s own feeds.  Thus you manage only one software installation vs. multiples.  And believe me, multiple installations can be a problem, as I found out when I had 30+ blogs to manage with  The spam reports alone were enough to make my email virtually unusable.

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