The 5 Business Colleagues You Should Have

The 5 Business Colleagues You Should Have

A classic post by Nikole Gipps at Small Business Essentials – “The 5 Business Colleagues Your Should Have“.

Too many entrepreneurs try to exist in a vacuum instead of seeking out the help and support that can bring them to success. So here it is, the five people you should have on your “team” when you are an entrepreneur:

Actually, click the link above and read them on her blog.

My thought comes in more along the lines of this: do you fulfill any of those roles in your organization today? Should you?

Small business people tend to look outside for mentoring. We sometimes forget that we need to mentor those around us. As they say, a rising tide lifts all ships. So think for a little while on the value you provide inside your business, and also in your business network.

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