Embedding Google Maps in your web pages

Embedding Google Maps in your web pages

John Jantsch at DuctTapeMarketing.com had a post today about how easy it is to embed Google Maps into a web page.

To create a map for your business, simply visit Google Maps, conduct a search for your business (you’ve got to be in the Google Maps directory to show up – get listed), hit the “link to this page” link and copy the HTML code for your map. I’ve simply pasted that code below so the map shows up in this post, but you could put it on any web page. Then create directions in text to your business from various routes and you’ve created some nice local keyword rich content. (This is a good web content strategy even if your clients don’t need to find your office.)

It really is pretty easy to do, although I frankly prefer to use the Google Maps API, as I can force feed Google more information and generally have a little better control of what is happening on the page. But the truth is, simply using the method John suggests is good enough.

I am currently using Google Maps on all the sites I put together. The days of the static map image on a site are over. Customers expect to be able to get directions from Google to your office or shop with one click. Give it a shot if you don’t have it on your site now.

Here’s a link to a map we did this week on the new website for A-PlusAutoBody.com in Chelmsford, MA.  Their old site had one of the old style  mapquest image.  Now the interactive map makes them much easier to find!

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