More Work for Webmasters – From Google Analytics Blog

Michael Harrison posted on the (unofficial) Google Analytics Blog with some tips for Webmasters on the things they should be watching as they go about their daily work so they don’t upset the Google Analytics apple cart.  A good bit worth reading to ensure you’re not messing up your metrics!

So if you know that the site you’re working with has the Google Analytics script on it, then think twice before you make any major changes. Here’s a quick list of what to consider…

  1. Are you adding any new domains or subdomains to the site?
  2. Are you adding any new major sections to the site (subdirectories, navigation options, etc.)?
  3. Are any key conversion pages being altered?
  4. Are filenames being changed in any way?

You’ll want to go to the Google Analytics blog to find out why there would be bad things to mess with…

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