TGI Fridays – Seems More Like Sunday…

TGI Fridays – Seems More Like Sunday…

I’m in Washington DC this week, so blogging will be light due to limited access.

I took the kids to the TGI Fridays at the Blackstone Valley Mall on Sunday.  It was hot, I’d just mowed the lawn and decided that a 23 ounce beer would hit the spot.  They carded both myself and my wife (age 50) and forced me to go to the parking lot to get her drivers license.  Nice to know they actually watch that stuff, but I have GRAY HAIR…

When I finished my beer and asked for a second one, I was told that the new corporate liquor rules did not allow them to serve 2 23 oz beers to one customer.  I could have a small beer, or something else.  I settled on a vodka martini.

Here’s the thing – serving only one beer to a customer in a place that is essentially a bar is dumb.  I will never bring a business lunch to Fridays again, since I don’t want to embarass anyone by having them “shut off” after 2 drinks.  If the rule is true, and the waitress told me there is a points system in use that basically lets you have 2-3 drinks before you’re turned off, then they might as well fill that big mahogany bar with plastic balls and use it as a kids play area.  The customers will be going elsewhere.

I applaud attempts to cut down on drunk driving.  But a mindless corporate rule that comes down to “Sorry, no second beer for you” is plain dumb.

I realize that it is possible the issue was a matter of an overzealous waitress, so if someone would like to correct me, I’d be pleased to clarify on this issue.

5 thoughts on “TGI Fridays – Seems More Like Sunday…

  1. And did they also tell you you’d exceeded your calorie limit when you tried to order dessert?

    Hmmm…you couldn’t get another beer, so you ordered hard liquor – and they didn’t see the absurdity of this. Ah well. You’re far better off (and it’s better for your community) going to locally owned places anyway. They really do know your name there! (and will give you a second beer.)

  2. Oh My!! I knew there was a reason we rarly go to TGI Friday’s!

    I doubt I would have asked to speak to the manager, but it is dumb to limit your beer but give you booze. If they are counting volume, would you have been allowed 23 shots?

    Mark, I would do what you are doing. Speak with my feet and find a new resturant. Do you have Applebee’s out there?

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