Google News to index Wire Stories

Google News to index Wire Stories

This is a fundamental change in the way Google News works.  They will now be posting wire stories from the Associated Press and others directly, under a licensing agreement.

Why is it big?  In the past,  Google posted wire services stories only when the were indexed through a newspaper site or one of the other news sites.  Now they will be getting the content first hand, in real time.  That means they won’t be redirecting readers through a newspaper as well.

This will be the first time that Google will host full news stories, as it has always linked to other sites for news.

This will also allow Google to remove duplicate copies of articles,

But the feature will benefit all types of news outlets, not just wire services. For example, if a New York Times story gets syndicated, Google News will know that it originally came from this newspaper.

For such outlets that have their own public Web sites, “duplicate detection” will simply let users click over to their sites, which is the traditional Google News model.

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