Jeff Cornwall on the Power of the Business Card

Jeff Cornwall on the Power of the Business Card

We’ve covered it here before…here and here and here…the business card is often the first tangible thing people see of your business, and they will make judgments about your business based on that. Jeff Cornwall of Belmont University and The Entrepreneurial Mind Blog covers this very subject today.

His excellent list (go to his post here to read the full explanations…)

Never cut corners.

Pay attention to the little things.

Include all critical data, but none that is useless.

Include description, logo, and/or slogan.

Remember, it has two sides.

Business cards are the first thing you hand someone and often the only thing that remains after you’ve left. Make them something memorable, and make sure they not only are an adequate representation of your business, make sure they’ll make an impression (positive of course…).

3 thoughts on “Jeff Cornwall on the Power of the Business Card

  1. Mark – I very much like the idea of using both sides of the card, and think the example you show of the Vario card is a good one. I have sometimes been handed cards that have little or nothing on the flip side, but have printed it in a dark color that’s impossible to write on. Cards need a little free space on which someone can jot a note.

  2. I agree you should be able to write on them. Ours are glossy, so no such luck for me, but they do look good, and as Jill often points out, the coating keeps me from befouling them with my chicken scratches…

  3. Business cards like ours need to look great because that’s what we try and sell to our customers. Functionality comes into play with cards for beauty salons, car repair shops, etc. Those types of businesses definitely need a card that you are able to write on. But for ours: we constantly get positive feedback about both the layout and the slick, glossy coating that makes it stand out from the rest.

    Bottom line: Make it look good and work for your business because it may be the first and only impression that a potential client or customer gets!

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