Ownership of the Steak Bomb

Ownership of the Steak Bomb

A sub shop in Derry, NH is trying to claim ownership of the term “Steak Bomb” via a trademark petition now before the US Patent Office. You can read all about it at wmur.com. (I picked this up off a post by Firefly on the Reel-Time Forum – thanks…)

My thoughts on the subject:

  • They’re not claiming to be the originator, just that its long been the focus of their business. In fact their chief competitor was in business and selling steak bombs before the opened their doors. Strike one..
  • Remember the old Pace Picante slogan? “New York City?” Well in this case, it is a huge negative to have a sub shop working the legal system to out maneuver their competitors. Strike two…
  • New Hampshire is the live free or die state. This definitely ain’t living free…so strike three, you’re out!

On the other side of the equation, there is some viral benefit to the discussion.

  • As we’ve said before, any mention in the press of your company can have a good effect. This is bound to get the word out.
  • So their claiming to have originated the Steak Bomb. As a lover of Steak Bombs, I’d feel somewhat remiss if I didn’t try theirs next time I was in the area. I bet there are a lot of others that feel the same way. In other words, this is great viral marketing!
  • They’re forcing their competition to challenge, which will make them sound whiny and petty. Again, a possible good thing.

So my general take is that this is a net positive for these guys. They’ll sell more sandwiches, and in general benefit from increased exposure, although their trademark petition is bound to go down in flames. Of course, the cost of the lawyer may not be recouped…

Just for the record, I’d prefer to be known for having the *best* Steak Bomb, not for being the originator, especially when it is clear they are not the originator of the Steak Bomb. For my money, the best Steak Bomb is at Victoria’s Sub Shop in Hingham.

3 thoughts on “Ownership of the Steak Bomb

  1. I grew up with a place called kaisers in beverly ma. they were selling steak bombs in the 1940s.

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