Quick Clicks – Monday

Quick Clicks – Monday

I’ve got a lot going on today, but wanted to share a few links and provide a few quick comments.

Kinetic Ideas on Marketing Through Social and Business Networks

And some powerful traffic drivers that you may not have considered are the social networking sites. MySpace is not just for teenagers and Facebook is not just for college students. There are many celebrities, politicians, and business professionals who are leveraging the traffic that these types of sites can bring.

I noticed that Barack Obama is sponsoring a Q&A session on LinkedIn that started last week.  Additionally, I’m noticing that some industries tend to be more MySpace or Facebook friendly.  Really, if you’re in music, you’ve got to have a MySpace page now…

Seth Godin on Sweet Spot Marketing

There’s a sweet spot in promotion and PR as well. Let me give you a few examples from the book world to get us started:

Peter Drucker was in the sweet spot for the Harvard Business Review. His background, reputation and style of writing contributed to him writing more pieces for them than anyone else. (My stuff, on the other hand, is blacklisted by the HBR. They won’t even consider my work.)

We’ve got to know our market (see the note about music & MySpace above…) and where we’ve got a chance to get traction.  While thinking outside the box is good, trying to get pr in an unlikely outlet is generally a waste of time and effort better spent elsewhere.

One thought on “Quick Clicks – Monday

  1. Indeed. For example, I hear “get us in the paper!” from small biz and start-ups. And what happens then? So? Even if you manage to get in the New York Times – then what? Hmmm…

    Seriously, don’t chase big-time PR when – for example – “small-time” phone calls to real, live customers and referrals can get you so much more (and more quickly.)

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