Go Lives This Week

Go Lives This Week

Yesterday we had the initial go live for POWER Up Equipment Rental. We’re still waiting on some information for their Used Equipment pages, but I thought it’d be worthwhile talking a little about the project.

Their original site was a single page site done several years ago by Bill Hall, a good friend and excellent designer. They’d outgrown what they had and really needed to be better optimized in what has become a very competitive web space. Additionally, they’d grown substantially and the old page really didn’t reflect the business anymore, right down to having the wrong contact email, etc.

So we decided that a lot of the basics I write about here every day needed to be put into place.

  • Rotating products on the homepage.
  • Clear call to action
  • Separate pages for product categories, manufacturers.
  • Each sub page treat as it’s own homepage
  • A simple to use, easy to edit interface for both adding and managing products, as well as for managing used equipment in their used equipment gallery (that should be live sometime tomorrow).
  • Carry the branding from their printed materials and trucks over to their web presence.
  • A contact form to track requests from the site.
  • Search Engine Optimization geared towards local results.
  • Google Analytics to break down their web traffic.

Here’s where a screen shot of the old site:

…and here is a screen shot of the new site:

Along the way, we identified a “domain leech” from a nearby competitor who had set up a very similar domain (they added an “S”) and had referred it over to their site. That situation was resolved with “extreme prejudice…”

I’m very excited to see how the site performs when it’s been updated in Google. We’ve not only optimized for the basics, but for each of the sub-pages and products.

Additionally, we launched the site for The Cosmetic Laser Clinic of Burlington, Massachusetts went live on Tuesday. This site was redesigned to help increase both the organic search results and the conversion of their on going SMO campaign which is being run by Blitzmedia. It will be very interesting to see how the new design works for them. They’ve already had several compliments on it. For the record, their old site looked as though it came right out of a 1995 Frontpage template.

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