Mary’s Marketing Wand is Broken…

Actually I think her wand is working just fine, and better than almost everyone elses…

She posts today with an absolute must read for marketers (and anyone who needs marketing…which should be just about everyone…) with a list of reality checkpoints to bring that marketing magic back into your life:

4. Your expensive brochure is worthless if you hoard it. (Tip: You may not even need a brochure. Yeah, I know. Heresy!)
5. Advertising never works if the right people don’t see/hear (and remember) it. It can even be a complete waste of time and budget.
6. Good customer service takes more than training. Excellent customer service takes more than money. (Read More: The Three Cs of Customer Loyalty, two-page PDF download)

Why are you still here…go read it in it’s entirety on her site…

3 Replies to “Mary’s Marketing Wand is Broken…”

  1. The thing about the brochure strikes a chord. My brother, a successful guy with his own business, told me recently that I should create a nice brochure and start knocking on doors. I am starting my own business and want to reach out further than my own network. I also live in an area ripe with all kinds of business.

    Because what I do involves infrastructure (something all businesses have), I should be able to reach a lot of people. He told me, “Go old school.” Create a good-looking brochure and start walking around the office parks nearby and getting to know the local people. Tell them what you do … even in simple terms. “You know how lots of companies have systems to gather data but they don’t know what to do with it?” Or, “You know how everyone thinks their intranet sucks?” Go in and tell them what you do and how you can help … leave the card and brochure.

    People not only will be impressed with your stones for having walked in cold, but they will respond to the fact that you walked in and were willing to talk with them. The Internet and all the technology is great for creating buzz and interest, but there still is something concrete about meeting people in person and talking about what you can do together to make things better.

    I’m also pretty naive sometimes πŸ™‚

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