Media Snackers

Media Snackers

Interesting video…reinforcing the differences in the way (young) people get their information. The logical extension of “people don’t read anymore.”

Of course the narrator sounds like the same person that does the “white zone is for loading and unloading only” at Heathrow…

7 thoughts on “Media Snackers

  1. Thanks for featuring the little MediaSnackers Explained vid…

    In response to your commenter regarding diet – if you snack on crap you’re going to get fat and unhealthy 🙂

    In the recent MTV Circuits of Cool report there is the quote: my mates are my media… wow – what other generation could have claimed that…?

    Will pass on that my voice-over lady friend sounds like someone who works at Heathrow – here’s hoping that’s a good thing 😉


    MediaSnackers Founder

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