Quick Results

Quick Results

Last week I posted about two sites that had launched, PowerUpRental.com and Laserdocs.com – both of which had major SEO components. Now, a week after they went live, I can share some results with you. Both were essentially going from no position at all. Virtually no Google presence.  Frankly, I’m even shocked at how quick they were reindexed…

Sometime in the past week they both were updated. Check this out:

Dewatering equipment rental “new england” #1 & 2

Pettibone rental “new England” #1

Skytrak rental “new england” #1

Tattoo Removal Massachusetts #2

Stop Snoring Massachusetts #6

What a difference a week makes…

(For the record, Vario gets Search Engine Optimization results through “white hat”techniques. We do not use link farms, or any of the other dubious tricks that many use to trick search engines.)

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