Service Star:

Service Star:

I never really thought I’d be posting about great service from a domain registrar.  But I just got off the phone with and it was an entirely different experience than I usually have dealing with registrars.

You see, due to an unlucky string of events, there was a site that was due to go down quickly.  No one could put their hands on the domain registration name and password.  This usually leads to very, very bad things…

So I called them.  A lovely lady on the other end of the phone looked up the account.  I was ready for the traditional response when I told her I didn’t have the username and password – which begins with “You’re” and ends with “Screwed” or worse.

She floored me with “We need to process this for you right now so your domain doesn’t go down. ”

She took my credit card info, and had me processed and on my way in minutes.  She also gave me a quick run down of what we need to do to get things squared away, which we’ll handle next week.

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