How Google Changed the World (again)

How Google Changed the World (again)

They’ve changed the way we look at our world – literally. Google Earth, with it’s high resolution satellite images has become so many things we never considered. First, when billionaire Steve Fossett disappearred, teams poured over the latest images, looking for wreckage, and even though they found none, it was a watershed moment (personally, I think he just headed off to his secret Isle of Doom).

Now we’ve got word that police are looking at Google Earth images to help solve the murder of a woman in Victoria, NSW, Australia. What a small world it’s become.

There’s also been a lot of concern over their street view, which has shown some rather interesting images since it launched.

Okay, so maybe the change hasn’t completely happened, but this one you can see as it unfolds. We’ll never see things the same again.

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